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Your Web3 experience
starts with naan

Naan is a fun, simple, and secure way to create a Tezos account, collect NFTs, and explore the new world of Web3.

Biometric encryption

Login with your fingerprint or face ID to keep your web3 assets secure.

Social login

Create a web3 account easily with your favorite social media account.


Naan gives you complete control of your crypto and NFT collections.

Store NFTs

Safely store and easily view all of your Tezos NFTs right in your app.

Explore web3

Explore the best apps from within naan and purchase NFTs with your card

Earn crypto

Put your crypto to work by staking and using decentralized finance.

More than a wallet

Explore and use the web3 ecosystem without ever leaving the naan app.

A beautiful home for all your NFTs

Be ready to always flex your entire NFT collection on the fly.

Earn Tez with couple of clicks

Delegation is non-custodial, delegates cannot spend your tez, and your stake is never at risk.

Use all your favorite
blockchain apps

Apps make blockchain ecosystems more dynamic and provide blockchain-based substitutes for centralized apps.

Buy crypto with cash

Buy tez with your creditcard or Apple Pay and onboard your cash into the web3 ecosystem.

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